Our SEO Adventure, Part 3: ALL STOP!

After slogging through the lengthy process of pricking vendors and generating keywords (which turns out to be an amazingly intricate process. I learned a lot from Rob Sanders of RSO Consulting), it was time to apply what we’d done and start down the magical process of content and inbound marketing!


At this point our new Business Development God, Jeremy, pokes his head up and says, “you know, I think our homepage sucks and we’d convert a lot more with something more modern and exciting.”

The awful thing about this is that he was right. So FULL STOP. Redesign the home page and try to use as much of the rest of the existing site to save some time–which turns out to be reasonably easy to do.

And NOW, finally, we have the page designed and in the process of programming and SEOing it as much as we can, and we should be ready to launch (if the coding gods are with us) next week.

So, watch here for more news and our new site and let us know your feedback! We’d love to hear about your loves, hates, comments, ideas, or any other thoughts you may have.Image