Search Off the Web

As computers find their way further into our daily lives, the skills that many of us are developing are becoming vital for things beyond just searching the web. Take this recent post from e-consultancy, where the writer does his best to attempt to check out a bunch of fennel from a local supermarket.

Now, were this the web, any number of professionals could have created an interface and user experience where this kind of thing would be easy. So, one has to wonder, “what’s the deal here?” Why haven’t the manufacturers of these self check out stands learned the lessons that are already so familiar to those of us with some time designing web interfaces?

If any of us did anything like this on our client’s websites, we would have hotly angry clients pounding on our desks–and deservedly so!

Perhaps the lesson here is that the lessons we have learned from developing web interfaces and user experiences aren’t as common as us web-bound types think. Perhaps, the world is yearning to learn those lessons we have so heartily accumulated over the past years.

Perhaps, as the writer implies, there are burgeoning careers waiting out there for those of us who are brave enough to pioneer into new domains.

But…leave the internet behind?  Come on!…


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