The Inauguration Cometh…Slowly

We’re at our viewing spot–unfortunately, we can’t view anything! It is so crowded!!! We are close enough that I got some good pics of the Capitol building but not close enough that we’ll be able to see Obama.

We’re here not necessarily to have the best view, but to have the best experience. And memories are definitely being made.


2 Responses

  1. Can’t wait to read more about the big event! I heard you’re on your way back to the hotel and you’ll be writing again in about an hour. Looking forward to learning about your experience and seeing some more pics!

    Some status comments from my friends around the world:

    Matthew Manuel (Canada) Happy Inauguration Day!!!
    Dennis Fagundo (Bermuda) is working while watching the inauguration.
    Rebecca Flores (Mexico) with her eyes on Washington…

  2. Actually we’re staying with Amanda’s sister near Howard (good times!) Hotels are overcrowded and overpriced!

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